How to write an observation essay?

A test point is an essay written after seeing something as an experiment, a debate, or individuals in action. This test can be short (one or two pages to a single report from a primary school class) or long as a thesis (in the case of an essay written by a college student). Then you will see a couple of simple steps to write an essay informative and rigorous observation.


1. Decide the essay topic, and choose an appropriate title. Restricted as much as possible. For example, if you observe a mother and her child for a day to see how often the child needs discipline, focus on that specific goal and give your essay a title that way, instead of the general title Observation of a mother and his son.

2. Organize your essay based on the standard format, which includes the cover, introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography (if necessary).

3. Start with a simple cover that includes a list of the title of your essay, your name, class or project to which it is addressed, and the name of your teacher.

4. Be clear and concise in your introductory paragraph (only one or two paragraphs). Provides a summary of what debaters and defines the thesis (your view).

5. Be reflective and are detailed in the test body. Offer the reader a visual image of what you observed. Describe the scene or events from beginning to end, like a short story. This concept is essential to write an essay effective monitoring key.

6. Defend your point of view in the body of the essay. Provides clear examples and evidence to support your thesis. Make graphs, charts and visuals additional support if help in this case.

7. Conclude your essay with a summary of your points and observations. Reiterates your thesis and why you defend. This section can be short and to the point, no longer than a paragraph.

8. Make any book, study references and people youve spoken in your bibliography at the end of the trial.